solar hot water systems


CMD Solar are Australia's leading supplier of renewable hot water systems, merging innovation with superior solar engineering. Solar water heating offers a renewable solution that is a popular and cost-effective alternative to grid energy. CMD Solar have combined safety, efficiency and reliability in each solar water heating system and solar ready tank we produce, so you can relax and enjoy hot water at the turn of a tap.

Our solar hot water systems are designed and manufactured for both domestic and small commercial requirements in Australian conditions. They are a fantastic long-term investment providing efficient hot water, while reducing the impact on the environment.

cmd solar hot water split systems


CMD Solar Hot Water Split Systems have the tank conveniently installed at ground level, while the solar panels are attached to the roof to heat the water. The panels have advanced absorber coating to help achieve maximum performance.

With a CMD Solar Hot Water Split System, your water temperature remains consistent, thanks to the open circuit design, as the pump regulates the heating process. The electronic pump controller monitors the temperatures at the tank and panels, and optimises the natural heating effect of the sun before switching off the pump.

Having the tank installed on the ground rather than mounted on the roof alleviates unnecessary weight on your home and makes maintenance and servicing a much simpler process. CMD Solar designs a programmable smart controller, as well as built-in frost protection control.

solar ready tanks


CMD Solar Ready Tanks are a cost effective way to gradually switch your non-renewable hot water heating to a solar heating solution. Once you have a tank installed it's a simple and easy process to have solar panels fitted to your roof. The Solar Ready tanks are made of long-life enamel grade steel, which is ideal for withstanding harsh Australian outdoor conditions. Our tanks range in capacity from 270 to 450L.

solar attic fans


Our Solar Attic Fans will save you hundreds of dollars off your energy bill, by reducing the energy you use to cool your home or business. By removing heat and moisture build up, your residential or commercial property will cool down more quickly. Suitable for both small and large-scale properties, our solar attic fans are quiet and built to withstand weathering.