Solar Hot Water in Cairns

Save up to 90% on hot water heating costs
CMD Solar is proudly Australian owned and operated. Our company sells solar hot water systems and solar ready tanks throughout Australia.

While a standard electric hot water system accounts for between 25-40% of the energy consumption of any average household, a solar hot water split system can provide up to 90% of hot water requirements for a fraction of the electricity costs. Even your return of investment is much shorter, meaning that going solar is now so much more affordable.

When it comes to choosing your hot water system the Federal Government has made it simple for you to determine a system's efficiency by allocating Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme or STC's.

However, not all systems are created equal in their performance and a higher STC value for your geographical area, generally indicates a more reliable and efficient system. In general, CMD solar hot water split systems attract a higher STC rating as these systems maximise the efficiency on delivering high solar gain.

CMD Solar is your natural energy expert, manufacturing and supplying superior quality solar hot water systems and solar ready tanks.

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